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Exploring Monoprinting at The Koppel Project in Soho

Wanting to get messy with my art, I decide to lease a studio at Koppel Projects in London for October and November 2019. I’m heading out for an artist residency in France at the end of October, so I need to figure a way to work with a limited amount of art supplies.

I’ve started painting additional layers on top of the acrylic paint monoprints. Each session of monoprinting with acrylic paint has a short time limit since the plate must be cleaned before it dries. This creates a fixed set of material parameters which results in a series of work. Each series is a record of an experiment in the studio.

Series 1 of Monoprints on Paper by Marion Flanagan (above).

Series 2 of Monoprints on Paper by Marion Flanagan


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