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Cookies and Coke Exhibition on 22 March 2019

Myself and a group of 9 other artists from Chelsea College of Art's MA Fine Art program booked a large warehouse space at Art Gallery 23 in Bermondsey for a group exhibition in March 2019. This former biscuit factory provided lots of space for our artworks and 200 guests. Responding to the former purpose of the space, we considered ideas for our works which recalled production lines and the manufacturing of consumer goods. Each artist was tasked with responding to the word “consumption” in a way that was most meaningful for them.

My painting for this exhibition Sweet Temptation looks at the tension that the desire to consume creates within those who are trying to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Sweet Temptation, 2019 by Marion Flanagan

The blues/rock band Typical Daydream performed at the Private View and encouraged our guests to linger within the space.


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